Living Magazine Fall 2014 Living Magazine v2 - Page 25

Keep your Room Clean and Fresh Use On Guard Cleaner Concentrate or essential oils with cleansing properties in a spray bottle to wipe down desks, chairs, and other surfaces around the classroom. Lemon essential oil works great for removing gum, glue, and crayon. a2z Aromatherapy Stress Relievers - ake a pool noodle and cut it into T approximately 1-inch pieces A daily chewable vitamin treat, a2z includes vitamins, minerals, and a super food blend that helps support the nutritional health of a growing child. -Add 2–3 drops of essential oils - and out a piece with essential oils H aroma based on the need of each student IQ Mega–The Ultimate Brain Booster Great tasting and easy-to-swallow, this omega 3 supplement provides 1,000 mg of pure fish oil per serving and delivers the ultimate brain-boosting support that every child needs. Freshen your breath and open your airways with a Peppermint Beadlet before teaching each class. Diffusing Essential Oils in a Classroom Wake up a Sleepy Class • Grapefruit • Lemon • Wild Orange • Lime • Citrus Bliss • Peppermint A Little Help to Calm Down • Serenity • Vetiver • Lavender • Bergamot • Balance • Citrus Bliss • Roman Chamomile Increase Focus and Concentration before and during the test • InTune Focus Blend • Rosemary • Frankincense • Peppermint • Wild Orange Improve Behavior • Elevation • Balance • Wild Orange • Lime • Ylang Ylang • Grapefruit / 25