Living Magazine Fall 2014 Living Magazine v2 - Page 12

Where Do Our Essen doTERRA sources essential oils from plants grown in ideal conditions where soil, climate, and temperature contribute to the plant’s aromatic and health-beneficial qualities. dōTERRA partners with a global network of artisans who have both experience and passion in growing the finest plants for producing the quality essential oils that you deserve. HELICHRYSUM PEPPERMINT Peppermint grown in the Northwestern region of the US contains high natural levels of menthol. HUNGARY Pleasant Grove, Utah A large truck packed with vetiver produces about six gallons of essential oil. GUATEMALA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HAITI CARDAMOM Several hundred thousand families cultivate cardamom in Guatemala, which makes it the biggest producer of seed and essential oil in the world. BRAZIL LIME 12 / FALL 2014 LIVING MAGAZINE CORSICA MARJORAM dōTERRA HEADQUARTERS VETIVER WILD ORANGE UNITED STATES of AMERICA The plant has to grow for 3–7 years before the essential oil can be collected. After 7 years the plant must be completely replanted and start the whole process over.