Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2018 - Page 28

Love the Skin You're In DR. AMY WOLTHOFF, MD, BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST dōTERRA has hit a home run with the new skin care line! Not only do the products improve overall skin appearance, but they now have added cutting-edge cosmeceutical ingredients that attend to the most common concerns patients ask me about regarding their skin. General Skin Healthcare CLEANSE: A good cleanser is important to rid the skin of excess oils, makeup, and pollution. The Creamy Facial Cleanser utilizes natural saponins of Yucca Root and Soapbark extract. It has Macadamia seed oil, vitamin E, and an amino acid derived humectant from Proline to help with conditioning the skin and protecting the barrier. EXFOLIATE: An exfoliator is important to remove dead skin and other pore-clogging impurities. I love the Invigorating Scrub with the gentle jojoba esters that not only exfoliate, but also have moisturizing properties. The included Burdock extract can help purify and tone the skin. Ideally, the cleanser and exfoliator you use should not irritate the skin. Some of my patients feel the rougher the scrub the better results they will get. In reality, any repeated irritation can lead to long-term damage to the skin’s appearance. MOISTURIZE: After gentle cleansing it is important to use a moisturizer whether your skin is oily or dry. It should be something that you do every day, just like drinking water. You should drink water whether you are thirsty or not. By the time you feel thirsty, you are likely already dehydrated. It’s the same with dry or cracked skin. Moisturizers play a role in not only conditioning the skin, but also reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier against environmental pollutants. The Anti- Aging Moisturizer does this along with the added benefit of including peptides and summer snowflake bulb extract that help with skin tone, texture, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. CONDITION: If your skin is a little more on the dry side, the Hydrating Cream does an amazing job at conditioning while soothing the skin. One of the main ingredients is cocoa seed butter, known to be a nutrient-rich emollient. The included 28 / WINTER 2018 LIVING MAGAZINE probiotics provide more intense hydration and aid in the skin barrier renewal process. Most people do not realize that even just dry skin can cause inflammation and turn into a rash. Moisturizing is the one of the most important steps in nourishing your largest organ! PROTECT: During and after enhancing the health and appearance of your skin, you will need to protect your investment. Make sure that before stepping outside (even if just driving in your car) you put on a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Many of my patients are surprised to find out that UVA rays penetrate window glass. You may not realize this because it is not the sunburn ray (UVB), but UVA is responsible for sunspots and premature aging. Specific Concerns DARK SPOTS: dōTERRA Brightening Gel addresses dark spots from years of sun causing uneven pigmentation. The gel utilizes natural properties of Juniper Berry, Melissa, and furanocoumarin-free Bergamot (important because it does not increase risk for sun sensitization) in a special vitamin C base. Many cosmeceuticals have vitamin C (a natural brightener) but if it’s not in a specific formulation, it can break down prior to the active molecule reaching its target. In the Brightening Gel, the vitamin C is protected from oxygen exposure breakdown by microencapsulation technology. I love the included Ginger root extract known for anti- redness and calming properties. FINE LINES AND WRINKLES: There are many anti- aging products on the market. To simplify, I tell my patients the most important ingredient to help promote renewed skin is retinol, a vitamin A derivative. The limiting factor to consistent use of retinol is often dryness and irritation. The new Eye Cream uses Bakuchiol (a natural retinoid-like compound), Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and Blue Tansy (combined with the amazing cool rollerball applicator) to help with the common issues around the eyes including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. These are complemented with the meadowfoam seed oil and two other natural polysaccharides known to soothe and hydrate, while tightening the skin. The Tightening Serum made with Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Myrrh supports skin elasticity and suppleness. Rhizobian and acacia gum provide the lifting benefits. As we age our collagen and elastin (what makes our skin tight and supple) is broken down faster than it can be produced, often leaving behind the appearance of sagging, wrinkled skin. Perfluorodecalin in the serum promotes skin renewal and elasticity to help tighten and tone. DULL SKIN/PORES: Astringents can be helpful for balancing and toning the skin. The Pore Reducing Toner uses Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and German Chamomile to remove traces of remaining oil and dirt, which can build up and dull the appearance of the skin, without drying the skin. The oligosaccharide rich lentil extracts increase skin hydration while helping reduce oily looking skin. This combined with the Invigorating Scrub will increase luminosity and brightness of the skin. / 29