Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2018 - Page 26

Tips For Organizing YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS COLLECTION A s you expand your dōTERRA essential oil collection, organizing and admiring your precious oil bottles can be one of the most relaxing and therapeutic activities. It’s empowering to re- alize what each essential oil you own can do for you and your family. How many of you had pur- chased a kit and ended up only using a couple of oils not knowing what to do with the rest? This is a good time for you to challenge yourself to explore the benefits of those dust-covered oil bot- tles. Here are a few tips to get you started with organizing your essential oils in a way that’s both useful and beautiful, but most importantly that works best for you. First thing first, decide how and where you would like to store and display your essential oil bottles— whether you purchase special essential oil wood boxes, or create your own storage space. Put all of your essential oils out so you can see them all at once. Then, select your favorite. Passion Forgive Console ALPHABETICAL ORDER CAP STICKER COLOR Arrange your single oils and essential oil blends in alphabetical order. Refer to the product guide section in the back for a complete alphabetical list of dōTERRA essential oils and blends. Use dōTERRA essential oil bottle cap stickers to color coordinate the oils based on the colors of the stickers—this system is especially satisfying if you have a slightly meticulous personality, and you find great enjoyment from color coordinating everything you see. Oil Chemistry Wheel ESSENTIAL OIL PROPERTIES INDIVIDUAL ROOM Separate oils based on their properties found on the dōTERRA Properties Wheel. For example, there are essential oils with calming properties such as Lavender and Roman Chamomile, and most citrus oils will have uplifting properties. For convenient access, place essential oils that you are likely to use in your kitchen, bathroom, kids room, laundry room etc. You can hang a display shelf in your living room with a diffuser and your favorite essential oils blends—this is good a way to incorporate essential oils into your home décor. What to do with extra essential oil bottles? If you find opened duplicates, you can carefully pour them into one bottle. Use unopened bottles as a giveaway on your social media page or a giveaway at your next dōTERRA essential oil class. 26 / WINTER 2018 LIVING MAGAZINE DIY HEXAGON SHELF What you need • 4 inch by 6 foot whitewood • staple gun • staples • wood glue • stain (optional) Directions 1. Cut wood into six, 8-inch pieces on a 30 degree angle. 2. Glue pieces together to make a hexagon. 3. On the back, put two staples at each angle to hold the wood together until the glue dries. 4. When the glue is dry, stain it your desired color. Tip: add additional shelves for more organization. / 27