Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2018 - Page 12

Guinness 5,110 KITS World Record 1 HOUR BREAKING THE IN LESS THAN On Friday September 8, 2017, at the dōTERRA YOU global convention, the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® broke the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® for the Most Personal Hygiene Kits Assembled in One Hour. The previous record had been set in January of 2017 at 1,002 kits. 12 / WINTER 2018 LIVING MAGAZINE Jimmy Coggins, an adjudicator from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, oversaw the attempt, verified that all components made it into the kits, and counted the kits at the end. To actually assemble the kits, 10 separate items had to be collected and placed into bags. With over 300 volunteers helping assemble kits, the participants ran out of kit components at 36 minutes and 41 seconds. Together they were able to assemble 5,110 kits. The assembled kits will be distributed during the dōTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing® Expeditions in Kenya, Nepal, Guatemala, and Haiti. What makes the kits even more special is the fact that every item in the kit is based on the feedback from the girls that use them— including fabric shields, liners, panties, wash clothes, soap, instructions, and a beautiful drawstring bag that can also be used for schoolwork. Each kit lasts three years and provides dignity and freedom to girls around the world. The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Manager Tammy Hutchinson says, “Assembling 5,110 kits was a great “When we learned that young women are using leaves, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, and other materials for feminine hygiene, we were heartbroken; we knew we needed to help. We are excited to make the hygiene kits and, through this small act of service, support these girls in receiving an education and increasing their self-esteem.” –Emily Wright achievement! However, when you con­­si­­der how each of those kits affect an individual, how it changes a girl’s life and that of her family, that is when you realize the enormity of what was accomplished. Because of those kits, 5,110 women and girls have the freedom to stay in school and get an education, to interact with their family and community, and to work each day as needed without limitations. Now that is a great achievement!” Beth Thode, a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate who was part of this record- breaking event says, “I felt honored and privileged to be part of such a wonderful project for Days for Girls! It was so heartwarming to meet Celeste and know that dōTERRA employees and Wellness Advocates had so much teamwork to make the Guinness world record happen for the benefit of the girls.” The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has been a proud 'FW"bF2f v&266R#R'#RF2f"v&0B&V6VBW7BfW"CvVBv&2F266RFPLXDU%$VƖrG2fVFF( 0'FW'6FWfRFV&VBFV &V6F"S#rvVBv&2BF266FVG2BF&V6R֖ƖvVBv&2'FPVBb#rF22FRVFǖrf7F b7W'Bg&FRLXDU%$VƖpG2fVFFऄrDtUBddT@( "FFP( "6WrG0( "'F6FRWVFF( "fB6w&Wf6BF6f&v&2&pFFW'&6