Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2016 - Page 42

PRODUCT GUIDE ESSENTIAL USAGE INTERNAL USE Through the dōTERRA Healing Hand Foundation™, a $20.00 donation is made with every purchase of dōTERRA Hope Touch or dōTERRA Spa Rose Hand Lotion. VEGGIE CAPS Customize your essential oil supplement regimen with vegetarian capsules that absorb quickly and easily. • Free of preservatives, gelatin, wheat, sugar, starch, dairy, and animal products • Made of inert vegetable ingredients that do not interfere with digestion dōTERRA® SPA ROSE HAND LOTION  New Formula! dōTERRA SPA Rose Hand Lotion is a light, alluring lotion with CPTG® Rose essential oil that promotes smooth, beautiful skin. Known for its skin-beneficial properties, Bulgarian Rose essential oil is known for its ability to promote smooth, glowing skin • Sunflower and macadamia seed oils are known for their exceptional moisturizing properties and ability to retain moisture in the skin • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly leaving skin looking healthy, soft, and smooth 34100001 160 HPMC capsules $5.33 retail $4.00 wholesale 0 PV TOPICAL USE 37520001 3.3 fl oz./100mL $20.00 0 PV dōTERRA® HOPE TOUCH  New! FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL T dōTERRA® SPA HAND & BODY LOTION N Ideal for combining with essential oils for topical use. • Feather-light emollient provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores • Completely soluble with all essential oils; odorless, colorless, and non-staining 31640001 3.8 oz $16.00 retail $12.00 wholesale 12 PV Indulge your skin in dōTERRA Spa Hand & Body Lotion—a light, non-greasy formula that contains jojoba and macadamia seed oils, murumuru and cupuassu seed butters, and nourishing plant extracts. • Easily blend with your favorite essential oil for a customized aromatic experience • Sunflower and macadamia seed oils are known for their exceptional moisturizing properties and ability to retain moisture in the skin 37510001 6.7 fl oz./200mL $20.00 retail $15.00 wholesale dōTERRA Hope Touch benefits Operation Underground Railroad and is a distinct essential oil blend combining the fresh scent of Bergamot with Ylang Ylang and Frankincense, then sweetened slightly with the warming aroma of Vani &V'6WFR( V6ǒ&VBvFW"ff&FRW76VFf"7W7F֗VB&F2WW&V6P( 7VfvW"B6F֖6VVB2&Rvf FV"W6WF7GW&r&W'FW2B&ƗGF&WF7GW&RFR63sS&ࠢC#`2`$D2U4PUDDdeU4U FRLXDU%$WFFfgW6W"26W6W"g&VFǒFfgW6W"FBFVƗfW'2f&WGb&VVfG2F26fVV@FfgW6W"27F&RƖvBBV7FW6R( "BBW"FfgW6W"6WGFw0( FTBƖv@( VG&fR֗7B&V6W2WF337V&RfVW@33SCc"cb&WFCCrvW6R#`$4RDdeU4U WGWBfVR6G&w2RF66RFRFV6GbW"&FW&WW&V6P( &W6W'fW2FRGW&W76V6R@6WFR&VVfG2bW76VF2'BW6rVB"vFW ( 6W2vFR&GFR`LXDU%$wV&L*&FV7FfP&V@333CbCs2#r&WFC#RvW6PC"tDU"#rĕdrtP$ĕDRDdeU4U ( fVGW&W2fW"TB֗7B6WGFw2@FvBƖv@( FW6vVBF&R6B67N( @W&fV7Bf"G&fVƖrBFVW6P333C2&WFCRvW6PC`EU2DdeU4U FW&BVVvBFRGW2FfgW6W V6ǒ&VV6W2FR&VVfG2`LXDU%$*W76VF2FFR"( fVGW&W2F&VR6WGFw>( @"B2W'2( 6fW'2WF337V&RfVW@( &fFW2FV6&FfRV6RFR"ff6P33cC2&WFCRvW6RC`