Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2016 - Page 37

WELLNESS Checklist 1. NUTRITION BEGINNING WITH VITAMIN D 4. WASH HANDS OFTEN 2. AMP UP THE COLOR, VARIETY, AND AMOUNT OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES 5. GET ENOUGH SLEEP Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D levels often drop in the winter. Vitamin D is critical for several core immune system functions. Having a vitamin D deficiency can affect nearly every cell in the body, putting you at risk for seasonal threats and low mood. Ask your doctor to check your level (minimum level should be 50–70 nmol/L). Depending on individual health circumstances, higher levels may be needed. Nothing substitutes for a healthy diet! Phytonutrients are the power behind those colors. Increasing your intake of colorful plants also increases antioxidants, like vitamins C and A. When the immune system is actively fighting a health threat it can use much more vitamin C than during normal well times. Vitamin A, unlike vitamin D, is found in many foods, especially orange and green veggies. Vitamin A is well known to help with vision, but it also helps with gene transcription (turning on the healthy genes), immune function, skin and cell health, and reproduction. By helping with skin health, vitamin A also supports healthy gut or intestinal health, since the intestines are a form of skin cell. Intestinal health is tightly linked with immune health because about 2/3 of the immune system is in or around the gut. Zinc is a mineral needed for skin, gut, and immune health. Zinc is a mineral found in some foods, like pumpkin seeds. Consider additional zinc and vitamin C when not feeling well. In addition to getting your vitamin D level checked, you can also ask for RBC Zinc (Red Blood Cell Zinc) and vitamin A levels. Ideally, the levels should be in the middle or upper end of the labs reference ranges. I routinely see these levels lower than ideal when individuals report frequent problems. Taking the do-TERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® daily is a great start to getting the additional vitamins and minerals your body requires to maintain healthy immunity.* Make personal cleanliness and hygiene a priority this season. It’s especially important when you are constantly exposed to the public places full of people, touching things that may not be very clean. Washing your hands is the simplest, yet most important mechanism to maintaining a h X[H[[][H\[K\HUTHۈX\[\Z[H܈[[YX[[[[ۈ[[\\^[˜[Y]˂[YXY[Y\\[[[][H\\[ []]X\][ZY\[ܙH܈Y[Y[[[ܙHY[H\[&]Y[[[ ]HYH܈X[B\YX[]\H\[ٙ[[XۚXH]\˜YܙHY YYYY HH]UTH\[]p\[[[UTH\[]H\[\^ٝ[܈Y][ۘ[Y\\ܝ VTTB[\[Y]YHHY[\^\\K[Y[š[[Y[]HY\ܝ\ [\[ZX[Y\[\ˈ\H[Y]XZH܈HX[Y\[ܙB؝\H[[[][H\[KHX[Y[]X\YH^\HYZ܈HZ[[][Hو Z[]\وX]]KX[[YH[[[\[܈[Z[[Y\ؚX]ˈ[Y][]ܚ\܈[KˈSVSQQUUBܝ\\ۙHوHXZ[\ܛ[ۙ\[\[\[[][H\\[ YY]][ۈ[Y\X][\BܙX]^\K\\ˈX[H\[X[[\HܙX]܂[^][ۋYHو\]ܚ]\[YHHUTB[[[ۘ[\X]\\x(\[H[UTH[[pUTH\[]K[][\Y\[\‚ˈTBTHӈPT0RSB[\UTHۈX\0Y[[\H\܈[ ܈\UTHۈX\ ٝ[܈XY]œ\ܝ[\[[][H\[NʈY\H[[\YH܂][X\܈X[HXUTHۈX\Xۂ[\܈[\[8&\Y] ][Z[H][KZ[X]HY[‚[HXYK MX^NLM΍͋N ˈN L LLLK۞X\ˌĽK\X MX\ [[][KY[[[Hو][Z[[[[YXۂ[X[ۙ][ۜ˂[]Y]X L N KNM \X HX KX]H\[X[[][X]\[Y[H\\[X[ێ[[]YH[Q[˂\H][Y[]HY[][X]YHH[YYZ[\][ۋ\X\[[YXYۛKX] \K܈][[H\X\KP\[Y[[\YY L݈ MNLKN L LN M ̋M LL MK\KH ‚