Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2016 - Page 31

WITH THE do-TERRA HEALING HANDS FOUNDATION AND OUR RESCUE OUR RESCUE FOLLOWS A 6-STEP PROCESS: 1 Assess the feasibility of rescue. 2 Research the location, the children, and the background of those who are running the sex ring. 3 Design a strategy for rescuing the children. 4 Take action. 5 Recover the children. 6 Arrest, try, and convict the perpetrators. HOPE BLEND with a new, redesigned label, is available for Wellness Advocates to purchase with all proceeds bene­ fitting the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. “To the children who we pray for daily, we say: Your long night is coming to an end. Hold on. We are on our way. And to those captors and perpetrators, even you monsters who dare offend God's precious children, we declare to you: Be afraid. We are coming for you.” –OUR / 31