Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2016 - Page 29

Essential Oils Personal Hygiene 1 Cypress Apply to feet and legs to prep for your workout. 2 Deep Blue® Rub Massage into your muscles after a workout for soothing relief. 3 do-TERRA Motivate® Encouraging Blend Apply to pulse points to spark motivation to work out. 4 S lim & Sassy® Metabolic Blend Add a couple drops to water before working out for a revitalizing energy boost and a healthy metabolism.* 5 Mito2Max Take two capsules daily to support mental and physical energy.* 6 do-TERRA Balance® Use before Pilates or a yoga class. 7 do-TERRA Breathe® Drops One drop before a run or any other workout will help open airways for clear breathing. 8 do-TERRA Breathe® Apply to the chest to invigorate your senses. 9 Correct-X® Soothes and hydrates skin irritated by shoes or run-ins on the court. 10 HD Clear® Face Wash 11 Travel size do-TERRA Salon Essentials® Protecting Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner 12 do-TERRA Natural Deodorant 13 DIY: Equipment or Yoga Matt Cleansing Spray -2–4 ounce spray bottle -5 drops of do-TERRA On Guard® blend -Witch hazel (¼ of spray bottle) -Filtered water Combine all ingredients together in the glass bottle. Mix well, spray, and wipe. Extras •D  ry Shampoo Carry a small container of dry sham- poo to freshen up ܙX\HZ\[[ ([H[[H[\H]^HX]ۈ[\H[[HX] (Z\[ Z\Y\Y[H]HۙZ\\B][\\H]\ Z]\˂(XYۙ\¸(X\ۙH\([\H LZ[]\[\[H\HܙX]^B\H\[\K(X[^H]و\[˂(۸&]ܙ][[\HYܙH[\ ]ܚ]\H\˂ŒLBBL‚[و[\[HYXZ[ݙ\›][\KH܈H[H[\™UTH[YYHY˂\H][Y[]HY[][X]YHH[YYZ[\][ۋ\X\[[YXYۛKX] \K܈][[H\X\K\KH B