Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2016 - Page 25

69 TRAINERS & STAFF T R A I N I N G E V E N T dōTERRA AromaTouch Technique and what it had taught them about essential oils and serving others. Lao Young, another trainer expressed, “Dr. Hill did the connection over the heart area with one of the models then stopped for a long time. At that time, all the attendees were very quiet. I believe it was because everyone felt the impact of service and love from the technique being given and received.” At the end of the training, dōTERRA challenged every student to think of the people they knew that could benefit from receiving the technique. They were I N d ō T E R R A encouraged to perform the technique on those they had thought of during the event so that they could benefit as they had from what the students learned that day. Anne Lee reported back about her experiences in sharing the technique after the training event. “After I came back from Impact Convention, I did the AromaTouch Technique for my husband, who has rejected essential oils in the past. He fell asleep when I was applying the fifth essential oil. He murmured something like ‘comfortable’ with a little snore as well. The next day, I applied the technique to my son and he absolutely loved it! H I S T O R Y “I returned to my hometown ChongQing on August sixth and continued sharing the AromaTouch Technique. When I applied the technique on my old-fashioned elder brother, he fell asleep on the third oil. This essential oil technique provided me with the first real connection with my brother.” We all know from our own experiences that essential oils work, but more importantly, we now know that they work in a more profound way when incorporated with human touch and connection. For more information about the AromaTouch Technique and the upcoming training events visit / 25