Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2016 - Page 24

H O N G KO N G T R A I N I N G 1300 PARTICIPANTS HELPED FACILITATE THE BIGGEST AROMATOUCH In July 2016, 1,300 participants along with 69 trainers and staff members helped facilitate the biggest AromaTouch® Technique training event in the history of doTERRA®. Jordan Hanks, AromaTouch Program Coordinator, said, “As you looked through the sea of massage tables, you could see the people’s faces who were eager to learn and were ready to share the AromaTouch Technique.” that day, more than 400 massage beds laid Hou Jing, an attendee at the event shared, perform the technique, they developed a “It has been two months since the Hong better understanding of the purpose and Kong Impact Convention, but the huge benefits of the AromaTouch Technique. shock and impression from the grand David Xiong, one of the leaders who AromaTouch Technique training with over attended expressed, “Although there were 1,000 attendees still remains. I remember over a thousand people in the room, there out at the same time, it was so spectacular.” During the training Dr. Hill shared the obstacles he faced and was able to overcome when creating the technique. Out of all of the essential oils dōTERRA had to offer, the eight oils and blends in the AromaTouch Technique created the aromatic profile and overall effect he was aiming for. As participants observed Dr. Hill was only the giver and receiver in this silent space. This time, the AromaTouch Technique was not just a tool for me. What I saw at this training is that we can serve others with no strings attached. The success of the AromaTouch Technique is to let life and love flow!” One of the trainers at the event, Chen Ying, said, “Dr. Hill was so gentle and concentrated. It touched my heart and my tears wouldn’t stop flowing. I believe the AromaTouch Technique will definitely make more and more people feel the love and be willing to pass this love on as well.” This training left everyone with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the