Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2016 - Page 11

“Weight is gained steadily over time and the safest way to get it back off is steadily one pound at a time.” –Rachel Rachel’s Tips TO SUCCESS Tell Someone I believe in setting up healthy habits and then telling all your friends and family so that, ideally, they can get onboard too and help you stay on track. Plan Your Meals Meal planning with fresh and clean foods from the perimeter of the grocery store helps me. Avoiding over processed and convenient prepackaged meals and snacks lurking in the aisles is key. Exercise Daily Set aside time every day for some sort of exercise. Walk the dog, take a hike, do some yoga, anything to get your heart rate up and your metabolism burning. I prefer to go to group exercise classes first thing in the morning so I don’t allow myself to get “too busy” to fit it into my day. Develop a Routine Healthy eating and exercising, paired with dōTERRA essential oils, is a winning combination. Once the pattern is set it is amazing how much more aware you become of your body’s reactions to things. / 11