Living Magazine doTERRA Winter 2016 - Page 10

Rachel’s Story 2016 SLIM & SASSY COMPETITION GRAND PRIZE WINNER After experiencing continuous stress and a lack of motivation, Rachel Cody decided that it was time to alter her lifestyle so she could live a much longer and healthier life. In 2010, she made a decision to quit smoking, and as a result, along with a few other contributing factors, she ended up putting on a few unwanted pounds. “My metabolism isn’t what it used to be, and having a family with a history of weight-related ailments, I knew I needed to take control of my life.” Rachel has a loving family, a wonderful career, and no serious health concerns. She says, “I have nothing to complain about and should be taking advantage of my beautiful life.” Finding Motivation My top priority in losing weight and keeping it off is my health. My competitive spirit is what kept me motivated throughout this journey. I set small personal goals or challenges to keep things fun. Whether it be a push-up calendar or a roasted chickpea recipe, I always have heathy options to try to keep things interesting. Planning out something to train for also keeps me focused. Having an event to look forward to, a team that depends on me, and a group of friends to train with makes working out more social and fun. Mental and Physical Changes The healthy habits formed over the last few months have made their mark, and it is apparent to everyone who knows me. I have gotten my youthful spirit and enthusiasm back. My mental stability, focus, mood, confidence, purpose, and drive have all improved greatly and I 10 / WINTER 2017 LIVING MAGAZINE wouldn’t have it any other way. It hasn’t been easy—there have been bumps along the way—but the combination of a clean diet, exercise, and using dōTERRA® products has set me up for success, and I don’t plan on turning back. And of course, overcoming any challenge takes the support of those around you and the persistence to see your goals to the end. I am amazed at some of the things I have pushed my body to do. I have counted down to the end date of this competition, but the strides I have made will not stop just because this challenge is over. I have a new appreciation of what my body is capable of and a new confidence to take myself there. Through the course of this challenge, I have managed to prep and list my home for sale, which was something that we wanted to do for some time. We found our dream farm and we are in the initial stages of purchasing. The newfound stability and outlook have been extremely Products Used •  Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend •  dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® •  DigestZen® •  Zendocrine® •  Purify •  Lemon •  Grapefruit •  Deep Blue® ® LOST 37 LBS ‡ beneficial in maneuvering these stressful tasks. In the past, I was an emotional eater. I would juggle back and forth between a sweet and salty snack all day in an attempt to make myself happy— resulting in a jolt of energy and a lazy crash. Now, I prepare foods that taste great, satisfy my hunger, and give my body the fuel it needs. I rarely have cravings for anything between meals. Trying new recipes and bringing “healthy” foods to social gatherings is fun. They occasionally get a lot of hype, and I might get a hard time for bringing a fancy salad to a barbeque, but the dish is always empty when I bring it home. My complexion, concentration, and life’s purpose are clearer now. Sleep is no longer an issue and when it’s time for bed I am out with the lights. My back no long W"G&V&W2Rv6WfW FBB2&&V&vǒ&VƖWfRFRWG&vVvBv26''p6G&'WFVBF"7GW&R6W6rGV67FB&W77W&RFBǒ&VƗVB6PBv2&VfVBfRWr&6RFR666vW2ג&G&P&RF6V&RFFW'2'WBB2FPVF6vW2FB6VRח6VbF@WfW"vBF6RvआfrFR&vBGFGVFRBWFƖfRB7W'&VFrח6VbvFFW'0vFFR6R2Wr6FWVBח6Vbg&rBF@FRVFFV662RFǒ@vBƖRFRWG6FRBpfVVFR6FRfRFRWrR@&VBbvBfR66Ɨ6VBF26'BFRB26v'FFRFR@Vff'Bג&G2&Wv&FVBR@fVV6&W76VBFBLXDU%$&fFV@RF2'GVGFW6R7FFVVG2fRB&VVWfVFVB'FRfB@G'VrF֖7G&FF2&GV7B2BFVFVBFFv6RG&VB7W&R"&WfVBF6V6R࠮( &W7VG2f'&6VBFWBBWW&66RG672&RW72ࠠ