Living Magazine doTERRA Summer 2018 Living Magazine - Page 34

The foundation of lifelong health and vitality includes those principles detailed in the dōTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid. When we think of informed self-care, we often think of aromatic, topical, and internal essential oil use for concerns that may not require the oversight of a medical professional. It’s time to expand that way of thinking. New research provides evidence that the AromaTouch Technique® is a unique and powerful essential oil application method that everybody should be including in their self-care toolbox. Based upon initial results from human clinical trials being conducted by dōTERRA scientists, we are just scratching the surface of understanding how effective the AromaTouch Technique truly is at promoting health. Dr. David Hill developed the AromaTouch Technique in response to his own experience with the synergistic power of essential oils and touch. At the time, it was a combination of knowledge gained from clinical practice and evaluation of the limited available scientific research. Nearly a decade since the public introduction of the AromaTouch Technique, studies evaluating the benefits of essential oils and human touch—in isolation and combined—have shown positive effects on various markers of acute and long-term health. POSITIVE INFLUENCE ON BIOMARKERS Touch is actually the first form of human communication to develop, and its scientifically validated benefits extend to almost every area of well-being. Experimental research suggests that when combined, aroma­ therapy and touch may support proper nervous system function and markers of psychological health. 1,2 Human clinical trials suggest that the essential oils included in the AromaTouch® Massage Blend, when combined with human touch, may help relieve tense muscles. 3 Further clinical and experi­mental research supports touch involving topical application of essential oils as a means to calm and promote relaxation. 4 INSTRUMENT IN YOUR SELF-CARE 34 / SUMMER 2018 LIVING MAGAZINE References 1. Chang K. and Shen C. Aromatherapy benefits Autonomic nervous system regulation for elementary cchool faculty in Taiwan. Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2011. doi: 10.1155/2011/946537. 2. Kuriyama H, et al. Immunological and psychological benefits of aromatherapy massage. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2005;2(2):179-184. 3. Ou M, et al. The effectiveness of essential oils for patients with neck pain: a randomized controlled study. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 2014;20(10):771-779. 4. Guimarães A, Quintans J, and Quintans-Júnior L. Monoterpenes with analgesic activity - a systematic review: Monoterpenes with analgesic activity. Phytotherapy Research. 2013;27(1):1–15. SUPPORT IMMUNE FUNCTION The purpose of the immune system is to keep you healthy despite all the potential risks you expose yourself to. Human clinical trials suggest that human touch alone may support the proper function of the immune system. 5 Experimental research and human clinical trials suggest that application of essential oils may have similar effects. 6, 7 Both acutely and long-term, regularly combining them in an essential oil application method such as the AromaTouch Technique can be one of the foundations of optimal health. POSITIVELY INFLUENCE MOODS AND EMOTIONS Those of us who have experienced receiving an AromaTouch Technique know that words cannot describe how amazing it makes us feel. We may not need peer-reviewed validation of the mood- uplifting properties of essential oils and touch, but it is widely available. Reviews of current research provide strong evidence that topical application of essential oils combined with touch is significantly more effective at promoting emotional well-being than essential oil inhalation alone. 8 This combination has been shown to have acute uplifting and stimulating effects on emotions. 9 But despite the growing body of scientific validation for the emotional benefits many have experienced, we are still at the early stages of understanding the how and why. dōTERRA scientists are hard at work evaluating both the full AromaTouch Technique and the Hand Technique so that we may answer both of these questions. If you are not yet AromaTouch Technique certified, there is never a ba BFRFfBG&rWfVBV"RBWW&V6RFR琦&VVfG2f"W'6VbFRvrv&bLXDU%$66VF7G0&W&W6VG2FRf'7BG'VR66VFf2WfVFbFRrFW&VffV7G0b&VwV&ǒ&V6Vfr&FV6FV6VW2BvR&RVvW"F6&RFR&W7VG2frFRLXDU%$66V6R&rf"FRFW7BF2W6FrWr&W6V&6R&'B66WGFW"B'&VW6R2&VƖ֖'7GVGbFRVffV7G2b6vR6W76`7vVF676vRF֖2GVF'G&VBVRgV7F&FfGV2W&bFW&FfRB6VVF'VF6R#bsbfVBB76vRFW&&W6V&6&WfWr6VVF'FW&W26Ɩ6&7F6R#c#C3rG7V֒BF66VƖrfVFW"B&6V'7&V6W2g&VR&F666fVvr7FfGBFV7&V6W26'F6WfV6Ɨf76G'&W6V&6#sSӓbࣂ66WfFBWBFRVffV7FfVW72b&FW&f"FW&W76fR7F377FVF0&WfWrWfFV6R&6VB6VVF'BFW&FfRVF6R#rFSR#rSc3R࣒w&Fv&BB7FVFrVffV7Bb&FW&76vRvF6֖RB&@6V#RSrc"FFW'&63