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dōTERRA® P E R F O R M A N C E A D V O C AT E S LOA N E ’ S FAVO R I T E d ō T E R R A P R O D U CT S SLOANE STEPHENS dōTERRA ® Performance Advocate Sloane Stephens is a professional tennis player on the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour, known for winning the 2017 US Open. From homeschooling her way through high school to overcoming a serious injury, Stephens has allowed her positive attitude and passion for tennis to carry her through anything that life or the sport throws at her. How did you first get involved with playing tennis? I grew up across the street from a club that had tennis, and I started playing there in the summers at a young age. I had no idea whether or “To win the US Open after not I was going to be any good at it, but it being injured and having to was really fun—my very first coach made it go through surgery and really fun. As I got older, I started playing rehab and all of the not fun after school, and eventually my mom stuff that goes into coming thought that we should move to Florida so back from an injury, it was I could play more tennis. a major triumph—something that I’ve wanted to do After we moved to Florida, I started playing my whole life.” even more, I got into tournaments, and I started winning. I decided to do 22 / SUMMER 2018 LIVING MAGAZINE homeschool so that I could go pro at age 16. It was a nice transition, never anything too stressful. I started playing lower-rank tournaments and just worked my way up to the WTAs. I kind of paid my dues with the younger folks and moved my way up, and that’s how I got started in professional tennis. What do you love most about the game of tennis? I love to compete. I’m a very competitive person. I’m the girl that races my mom and brother back to the car saying, “Last one there is a rotten egg!” I’ve never played a team sport so I don’t know what that is like, but with tennis, you are out there all by yourself—you have to act for yourself, think for yourself, and you have to do everything alone. I actually like that, I like competing against an opponent where you don’t know what is going to happen. It is so unpredictable, I think that is what I love the most about tennis. What would you say your strength is on the court? I would say my greatest strength and my greatest weakness is probably my mind. When I make plays and everything is good, I would say I’m pretty tough to beat. But when I’m not in a good place, my six-year-old brother could beat me. I think that over the years, after playing a lot and maturing as a person, I’ve gotten so much better on the court, and that is something I can be proud of. What was it like winning the US Open? I won the US Open after 11 months of not playing professional tennis. I was injured, and I had foot surgery. Coming back was really difficult, there was a lot of adversity and a lot of things that were so uncertain, and I didn’t know if I would be the same when I came back. Of course my goal was always to win a Grand Slam in a major tournament, but I wasn’t necessarily thinking about winning the US Open. I was thinking, “Thank goodness I can even play.” To win the US Open after being injured and having to go through surgery and rehab and all of the not fun stuff that goes into coming back from an injury, it was a major triumph—something that I’ve wanted to do my whole life. It was a very emotional moment, but a very happy one at the same time. It was a difficult journey not only for myself, but for everyone that supports me, so I was happy that I could win for them because they all stuck with me through my whole journey. What are your favorite dōTERRA products? I love Lavender. I have a difficult sleep schedule because I travel all over the world, and being on the road and in different time zones is not easy. I was trying to find any little thing to help relax me before bed and to make sure that my nerves were calm, when my mom got me a diffuser and some Lavender, and it really worked for me. I love putting Lavender on my sheets, on my pillow— anywhere it can help. I have used Deep Blue ® for massage, it can really help soothe you. I also like Peppermint and Eucalyptus, I use Eucalyptus in my shower. My absolute favorite oil is dōTERRA Cheer ® . I put that in my diffuser during the day. It smells so good and makes it so calmin rvVRvưFR&&Vr&fW76FWFRB2&BFfBFRƗGFPFw2FBv&f"RLXDU%$2v&VBf"^( @fFrW76VF2v2&VǒvBf"R