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Essential Oil Spotlight Herb Garden DIY Marjoram Aromatic Description: Warm, herbaceous, woody Distillation Method: Steam Plant Part: Leaf and Stem Sourcing Origin: Egypt Enjoy using fresh herbs for the rest of your summer by creating this simple garden! What you need: • 1 foot x 8 feet piece of wood • Empty Slim & Sassy ® TrimShake containers • Herbs • Soil • Stain (optional) • Drill • Screws Directions: 1. Stain the board and let it dry. (optional) 2. P  oke three holes in the bottom of each jar for necessary drainage. 3. D  ecide where you want the jars to hang on your board, then screw them on. 4. F  ill the jars with soil, and transplant the herbs to the jars. 5. Label each jar with the names of the herbs. A relative to the oregano family, Marjoram (Origanum majorana) is often confused with Oregano because of their similarities. However, Marjoram is considered to be milder with a sweet flavor as compared to Oregano. Anciently known for being a symbol of joy and happiness, Marjoram is now known to provide support to the immune and nervous systems.* How to use: Aromatically  Combine with Lavender and water into  a spray bottle, mist pillows and sheets to help relax while falling asleep.  Diffuse while studying to stay relaxed and focused. Internally  When your recipe calls for dried marjoram,  try replacing that with Marjoram essential  oil. (1–2 teaspoons dried herbs = 1 drop  essential oil)  Add a few drops to warm water for a Marjoram tea to help calm the nervous system.* Topically Rub on the bottom of your child’s feet   for a calming effect before bed time.  Apply oil to desired area to recuperate after a workout or long day. Fun Fact: Marjoram has a gentle fragrance, which can be easily lost while cooking. Many consider it best practice to add in just before the end of cooking. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 20 / 21