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IN THIS ISSUE Summer 2018 features HILL’S DAILY HEALTH HABITS: 4 DR. 6 principles to sustain healthy habits. FOR THE ESSENTIAL OIL NOVICE: 8 GUIDE Where to begin. TO BEAT SUMMER HEAT: 10 WAYS A few tips to stay cool during the hot months. IT OUTSIDE: 14 TAKE 6 benefits of outdoor exercise. ROADTRIP: 16 SUMMER Travel tips for the whole family. AND REUSE: 20 UPCYCLE DIY herb garden: using empty dōTERRA Slim & Sassy® TrimShake containers. AND DE-STRESS: 26 REST Make over your evening routine. 21 CAREGIVER COMMUNITY: 30 THE Heather Oglesby, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and full- time caregiver, creates a community of love and support. LEMON: 32 dōTERRA Facts, recipes, and DIYs. 18 ADVOCATE IDEA NOTEBOOK: 36 WELLNESS dōTERRA essential oil recipes, ideas, and tips. departments 6 22 32 dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®: Leaving a footprint all around the world 18 Scientific Advisory: Nature’s diaper bag by Dr. Gregory L. Woodfill, D.O. 21 Essential Oil Spotlight: Marjoram 22 dōTERRA Performance Advocate: Sloan Stevens, a U.S. Pro Tennis Player 24 Nutrition Corner: Eat well, feel great 28 Essential Recipes: Summer bruschetta 29 Essential Oil Spotlight: Black Pepper 34 AromaTouch®: Instrument in your self-care dōTERRA PRODUCT GUIDE (see pages 38–55) © 2018 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC The TRIO Where Your Journey Begins