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DON’T LET THE STRESSES OF TRAVELING TAKE ALL THE FUN OUT OF YOUR VACATION—FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE TRAVEL TIPS FOR SMOOTH SAILING ON YOUR ROAD TRIP THIS SUMMER: Summer Roadtrip - Tips for the whole family - BRING YOUR OWN FOOD No one is at their best when they are hungry. Packing healthy snacks and meals for a long car ride not only saves you money, but also is a much healthier option for your family. Pack foods like fresh fruit, granola, water, and juice. Packets of applesauce that don’t require a spoon are a great idea as well. Upcycle your old dōTERRA supplement containers to make each child a customizable snack box. PACK LIKE A PRO One of the most difficult parts about traveling with kids is all of the luggage required. It’s even more frustrating when you are trying to find a tiny pair of socks at the bottom of your suitcase. To save time (and frustration), organize your children’s clothes by outfit when packing. Put together shirt, pants, underwear, socks, and whatever else they will need for a single day, and place it in a plastic bag. Simply stack the bags in your suitcase to finish. Getting the kids dressed each morning will be a breeze. YOU’VE SPENT THE DREARY WINTER MONTHS CROSSING days off your calendar, daydreaming about your summer vacation— and the time has finally come! But now the reality of getting to your destination is at the forefront of your mind. While we always look forward to vacationing, it can be difficult to travel as a family, especially when you have young children. Snack Tip Turn snacks into a distracting activity by bringing yarn and o-shaped cereal, and have your children make a string necklace before eating. 16 / SUMMER 2018 LIVING MAGAZINE Craft Tip Glue a felt ball onto a clothespin and clip to your air vent. Add one or two drops of your favorite oil to diffuse throughout the car. PREPARE AHEAD FOR MESSES AND ILLNESS Traveling with kids will no doubt include more than a few messes. Keep a bag with wipes, extra clothes, underwear, diapers, and a bleach pen in an easy-to-reach spot for when spills and accidents rear their ugly heads. It is also wise to bring your own family first aid kit that includes the basics: bandages, cold medicine, pain medication, and any specific items that your family will need. Having these items on hand might save you a headache later. STAVE OFF MOTION SICKNESS If you are going to have a long, winding road-trip ahead of you, it is important to prepare for motion sickness. Place a drop of Ginger oil in the palms, rub the hands together, and inhale slowly. You can also diffuse Ginger oil in the car so that the entire family can experience its benefits. CLEAR THE AIR Have you ever walked into your hotel room, exhausted after a long day of travel, only to be welcomed by a funky smell? You can easily clear the air in the room by diffusing refreshing essential o ils like Lemon, Citrus Bliss ® , or Purify. After a few days of driving, your car will also likely start feeling a little stuffy and smelly from traveling. DEFEAT DROWSY DRIVING If you plan to embark on a long road trip this summer, inhale Peppermint oil or apply to the temples to help keep yourself alert and awake. It’s better to be safe than sorry, however. If you need to pull over for some rest, find a safe place to do so and get some sleep. NAPTIME IS KEY The long hours, waiting in line, and confined spaces often make children (and parents) grouchy when traveling. If you are traveling with young children or babies, try to plan your travel around naptime (when possible) to help things go more smoothly. Scheduling a two-hour drive or a short flight during your little one’s naptime will make traveling much more enjoyable and decreases the likelihood that naptime gets skipped altogether. ALTERNATIVES TO SCREEN TIME Many parents don’t want to entertain their children with hours of video games, movies, or screen time. And, on long trips even these activities can quickly get old for kids who are tired of traveling. Consider getting a kid-friendly audio book for your next road trip so that the entire family can enjoy a book together while driving. You can also print out fun or educational trivia questions that you can use to quiz the family while you are driving in the car. Depending on the age of your children, window clings can be entertaining to stick on windows or trays to create stories. / 17