Living Magazine doTERRA Summer 2017 - Page 24

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR LABOR AND DELIVERY SERIES THE HOMEBIRTH with Stephanie Fritz, The Essential Midwife What is your birth philosophy? Homebirth is not for every woman. My clients and I are a team. We look at all the choices surrounding pregnancy, labor, and birth, and I support them in whatever they choose through offering education and choices. I am the mother of four daughters, three of which were born at home. I feel it’s these experiences that have shaped my vision of what women’s healthcare should be. I know first-hand what a difference information and a sense of control can make when having a baby. What are some of the benefits of having a midwife and home birthing? Studies show that an unfamiliar environment can compromise labor. Fear and discomfort can increase the pain experienced in labor, while relaxation can actually diminish stress, improve oxygen flow to the baby, and be a positive labor support for mom. When a woman births at home, she has “the home court advantage.” She can move about freely, wear her own clothes without worrying about the back flap of her gown opening, eat and drink as she wants to keep up her energy, relax in a warm tub of water with essential oils, have her feet massaged by supportive friends, and even birth in whatever position she feels comfortable in. Women are very in tune with what’s happening in their bodies, and most of the time they want to be in control during this process. Being in control at home in a familiar environment helps to eliminate fear and feelings of anxiety. My intention is to provide a safe, comfortable, and familiar space for women to do what they do naturally. What successes have you and your patients seen using dōTERRA essential oils? Using essential oils in pregnancy creates an empowerment that is so valuable. Being able to have solutions that are timely and effective is essential. 24 / SUMMER 2017 LIVING MAGAZINE Choice Women experience a lot of changes in their body and there can be a lot of common issues, whether it’s morning sickness or a variety of other occasional discomforts. When clients call in with the occasional morning sickness in pregnancy, I refer them to Peppermint or Cardamom essential oils. I have also had great success in my practice using Peppermint and Myrrh to help turn the baby to the optimal fetal position. When mom needs extra support for her back discomfort, I refer her to Deep Bl ՗ )͡ɕ́ݥѠɅѥՑȁѡ)ɕЁٔ]͕ɽɥѕ)$͕ٔѥ́ͅ䁡)ɥɕ䁅͡ձх)مхQЁͽѕ)ݥѠѡ͕ѥ́ɕ)հȁɕ䰁Ѡ)ͥѥٕ)]Ёѥ́ݽձԁٔѼѥ)ѡ́Ѽѡȁѡ)ɥ)IȁՍѥ́ݕɥ)ͼɕ́ѡЁɔɕمЁѼ)ͥɕѡɥ%ԁɔ)Ѡѡɕ)ѡаЁͼɸЁ)ٕ ͼԁɔɕɕ)ٔѼ٥єɽ)Iѥ́ѡѼՍ͙հ)Ѡ ɕɕݡѡȁԁɔ)хȁѼٔѡ́ɽչ)ԁѡЁɥԁа͔)ѡɔхԁɔ)ɽչ̰ѡɔɕᕐԁ)5QII ]=Ʌ)ፕЁٕ䵑ͥ)Qɽչ)ѥ́ѡ䰁 )ѥ́Ʌ)ɕѠ]=Ʌ)ɕՍ́᥽͹̸) ͥȁձȁȁ)մиḾɅѼ)ٽєȁԁݡԁɔ+qȁtMѕ́Ёݡ)ԁݡԁeЁٽ锁и)]Ё͕ѥ́ԁɕ)ͥܤɥѡ)ٕɽ)Qɔɔ䁽́ԁձ͔)ȰЁ$Ѽͥ䁅͔)܁́ͥ)1) ͥ Aȁ͕ѥ)ݥѠɅѥѕ )=ͅѼѡ܁)ɕ͍ٔЁɥȰ)ɽ٥ѡɕѠѼɔ)ݥѠɕѕȁ͔Q͔ݼ́)䁡հݡɥ)ȸ) M͕ѥ́)́ɕٔѕͥݡ́ݥѠ)Ʌѥ̸Q䁉 M)ݥѠɅմȁ1ٕȸ)ɽQՍ ͅɽٕ)ɍձѥɕѥ́ͽѡ)ѼѠ丁Q)͡ձ́ɔѕɕ́ѕͥ)ͅݥѠɅѥѕ Ё=)Ѽѡ͔ɕ́ȁɕ́ѕͥɕ) Ѡ)AɵЁ͕ѥݡ)ɕՍ͕́)ɽ՝Ё䁑͍и$ͽѥ)͔ЁѼɸɕ丁$)AɵЁݥѠɅѥѕ )=ɽѼɕ)ٕȁѡɅ܁͡$)5ɠѼݕȁݡɔ$݅Ёѡ)é)]=Ʌ5QII )ፕЁٕ䵑ͥ)Qɽչ́)ѥ̰ѥ́Ʌ)ɕѠ]=Ʌ)́ɕՍ́᥽͹̸)AɥմЁȁ͡х+$ɽ́!մ+$ɽ́Ʌ͔+$Ʌѥѕ Ё=)ѱ䁵ͅѡɥմ)ɥɽݹѼՉɥє)͔䁽