Living Magazine doTERRA Summer 2017 - Page 23

GARLAND WHAT YOU NEED • Wool balls • Needle • Embroidery thread DIRECTIONS 1. Thread needle, and pull it through wool balls. Note: choose desired distance from each wool ball. 2. Tie knot at beginning and end of garland. 3. Use for decoration. Tip: You can use the wool balls to diffuse different essential oils, while your children play. Tent WHAT YOU NEED • 4–3x48 inch pieces of white wood • ¾ x 48 inch dowel • Paint of choice (optional) • ¾ inch drill bit • Sheet fasteners • An old sheet DIRECTIONS 1. Measure 5 inches down from top of each piece of white wood, and mark in middle. 2. Take ¾ inch drill bit, and drill hole where marked. 3. Lay two pieces of white wood on top of each other, and push dowel through. 4. Spread the white wood apart to make tent shape. Note: Dowel should be snug; this way the tent keeps its shape. 5. Drape sheet over dowel, and fasten ends to each piece of wood by using a sheet fastener. Tip: You can paint your sheet by using an old sponge, cut to your desired shape, and using it as a stamp. Plant Hanger WHAT YOU NEED • Old supplement bottle • Spray paint • Twine DIRECTIONS 1. Spray paint supplement bottle desired color. 2. While your bottle dries, cut 8–10 inch pieces of twine. Note: Cut twine longer for larger supplement bottles. 3. Knot together 8 pieces of twine, separate 2 pieces of thread and knot 2 inches above your original knot. Repeat. 4. Now, take one string from 2 partnering knots, knot those 2 strings together about 2 inches above the other. 5. Keep repeating until you get your desired length. 6. Plant succulent inside bottle, with dirt and water. 7. Place inside plant hanger, and tie knot at end. TASSELS WHAT YOU NEED • Yarn • Needle • Thread • 4x5 inch piece of cardboard DIRECTIONS 1. Wrap yarn around cardboard approximately 30 times. Note: Depending on your desired length, you can cut cardboard larger. If you want thicker tassels, wrap more than 30 times. 2. Pull yarn off cardboard, tie 3 inch piece of yarn around one side, cut through the yarn on the other. 3. Flip it over, tie another piece of yarn around it about an inch from the top, so it looks like a small ball. 4. Repeat steps 1–3 for more tassels. 5. Thread needle through each tassel to create garland. / 23