Living Magazine doTERRA Summer 2017 - Page 16

Essential Oils: Gift of By Jessica L. M. Herzog, MD, FAAP, ABHIM Essential oils are for everyone, and all ages can benefit from their therapeutic properties. Here are some simple ways to use essential oils every day that will introduce you to more possibilities of wellness, peace, and happy living. Today, ongoing research helps us better understand the beneficial properties of each complete oil and constituent. Medical communities are paying more attention to these natural and pure additions to healthcare. dōTERRA On Guard® is immune support for several situations including daily strengthening of the body before an exposure occurs, targeted use when the immune system needs more support, and ongoing intensive support when the immune stress has lasted for longer periods of time.* If you are interested in essential oil history, read about the Black Plague in the mid-1300s. bedroom. Reduce tension by diffusing in a work place or study area. Explore the dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy ® System for more ways to deal with specific emotions. Using Essential Oils for Emotions In our fast-paced world, having a refuge in our homes is one way to reduce stress. Diffusing essential oils at home is a great way to create a balanced and peaceful atmosphere. Our sense of smell is the most direct way to affect our brain and emotions. Most of us can think of a scent, which takes us back to a cherished childhood memory. Perhaps a certain aroma makes you think of Grandma’s famous baking, or her usual perfume, or her holiday decorations of evergreens. These are examples of how the aromas enter the nose, trigger the nerves in the olfactory bulb, and are processed by the limbic system (our emotional center) and then by the rest of the brain—which brings together emotion and memory. Here are two suggestions for creating an emotionally balanced space. First, diffuse oils everywhere; use them in the moment to positively influence the UЁѡѡ)Ёͽѡɥ́䁑ͥѡэ٥ɽ) ɕєհͱɥ䁑ͥѡ(؀MU55H܁1%Y%95i%9)Mɕє܁͍еѥѥ̸͔ѡ)͍ͅЁЁѡ䁍Ʌѥ ͔յ)͍Ё͔ɥѥ̸Ёȁ͕ȁ)ѡɽѡ݅Ѽȁمѥѥѥ) ͔1ٕȰȁѡɕéѥ)ɽѥ 䁵ѡ͔ͥѵ̰ݔ͔)͕ѥ́Ѽɕи)U͕ͥѥ=́Ё!)!ɔɔͽ́܁Ѽ͔ѡ!͕ѥ́-и)Q́Ёх́ͽѡɔq́ѡѣtȁ)Ёȁɕѕȁ͕͔ݕ́) ݕɕɕѼхѥݡͥȁ͡ɥ)ѡ͔ɕ̰ɔѕЁѽ̸