Living Magazine doTERRA Summer 2017 - Page 14

Driveway Tips Driveway cracks that are less than a quarter inch should only require a minor repair. These surface cracks can be repaired easily with liquid crack sealers. Make sure to clean the crack out with a power washer and let dry before applying your sealant. Driveway cracks that are larger than a quarter inch wide are more of an issue. Filling in those cracks will only temporarily solve the problem. Some may choose to resurface at that point, which is great for those warmer areas. As for those who have four seasons, this is yet another tempo- rary fix. Replacing your driveway and ensuring your foundation is properly set will ensure a great driveway for years. Although not guaranteed, sealing your driveway before any cracks happen has been known to help stop cracking. What essential oils have you used to get rid of driveway stains? Email 14 / SUMMER 2017 LIVING MAGAZINE Watering Tips Watering your yard correctly can help keep it looking strong and healthy. Early morning is one of the best times to water your yard. The water will be absorbed and soon after dry off with the morning sun. Watering in the afternoon can lead to fungus growth, because the pooling water does not evaporate until the next day.