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CJ Huelsman BEFORE learned to walk, run, and play became one of the main motivations for CJ to push his body in hopes to gain energy, reset bad habits, and ultimately lose weight. He says, “I don’t just want to watch her do these things. I want to be there with her and be the one who gets to show her all the exciting things that this beautiful world has to offer.” CJ’s Story CJ HUELSAM once had the motivation and energy to work out, but over the past few years, bad habits crept in, leading to more snooze buttons, fewer workouts, and more junk food. The birth of his daughter in November 2015 made it challenging for CJ and his wife to find any spare time. Meals became “on the go” and time after work was time spent with family before putting the baby to bed. After working all day, the only thing CJ had the energy to do was sit, and maybe catch up on a TV show, before going to sleep. As a result, CJ ended up packing on a significant amount of weight. While weight loss was the ultimate goal, CJ needed to address the underlying problems caused by poor health and lifestyle choices. Seeing his daughter become more and more active as she Going over 250 pounds was the largest I’ve ever been, and as much as I kept convincing myself that I was going to make a change, I kept eating fast food and not working out. I’ve tried many times to jump-start a new healthy lifestyle, but it always seemed to burn bright in the beginning, and then burn out quickly. My wife tried