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PRODUCT GUIDE TOUCH BLENDS JASMINE   NEW! TOUCH BLEND NEROLI   NEW! TOUCH BLEND ROSE   NEW! TOUCH BLEND 60201812 10 mL roll-on $56.00 retail $42.00 whl 42 PV 60201817 10 mL roll-on $62.67 retail $47.00 whl 47PV 10 mL roll-on 60201813 $100.00 retail $75.00 whl 75w PV TOUCH BLEND KITS dōTERRA TOUCH® KIT  Featuring nine of our most popular oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil, this kit makes application simple with 10 mL roll-ons. dōTERRA Touch is ideal for children and adults with sensitive skin and they’re ready to use so that you can immediately start to benefit from essential oils. • dōTERRA Breathe® • Deep Blue® • DigestZen® • Frankincense • Lavender 60200333 • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) • dōTERRA On Guard® • Oregano • Peppermint 160 PV $225.33 retail $169.00 wholesale dōTERRA EMOTIONAL AROMATHERAPY® TOUCH The dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Touch line contains six unique essential oil blends combined with Fractionated Coc Ё=0ɽ́)ٕЁѱѽѥQ͔)ɽɥх䁉́ɽ٥хɝѕѥ)Ѡ́ȁѡѥɔ丁 䁙ݥѡ)5QIIѥɽѡɅUͅ5)5QIIѥɽѡɅQՍ́)Ѽ́ѡѼ)ɥѕȁ̸(āͥ0ɽѱ(̸́ɕхݡͅ(10܁1%Y%95i%9(AX)5QII IQ!  )Q=U 19@ 1U  )Q=U 19%MQi;  )Q=U 19(Ȁ0ɽ(ܸ́ɕх̸ݡ(́AXԀ0ɽ(Ը܁ɕхĸԁݡ(ĸԁAX̀0ɽ(ܸɕхԁݡ(ԁAX)I9-%9 9M)Q=U 191Y9K )Q=U 19511U (QQI )Q=U 19(Ѐ0ɽ(܁ɕхԸݡ(ԸԁAXԀ0ɽ(́ɕх̸ԁݡ(̸ԁAX=I9? )Q=U 195QII=8UI  )Q=U 19AAAI5%9S )Q=U 19(܀0ɽ(ĸɕхԸԁݡ(ԸԁAXȀ0ɽ(ɕхĸݡ(āAX0ɽ(ɕх̸ݡ(̸ԁAX(؀0ɽ(ظ܁ɕхȸݡ(ȸԁAX)5QII)5=Q%YQ Q=U )9 =UI%9 195QII)AMM%=; Q=U # )%9MA%I%9 195QII)=I%Y Q=U )I9]%9 19(0ɽ(ɕхԸݡ(ԁAX0ɽ(ظ́ɕхܸԁݡ(ܸԁAX0ɽ(ܸ́ɕх̸ݡ(́AX)5QII) !K Q=U )UA1%Q%9 195QII) =9M=1 Q=U ) =5=IQ%9 195QII)A  Q=U )IMMUI%9 19(؀0ɽ(ĸ܁ɕхظԁݡ(ظԁAX܀0ɽ(ȸɕхиݡ(ЁAX((и́ɕх(ԁAX(0ɽ(ԁݡ