Living Magazine doTERRA Fall 2017 Living Magazine - Page 35

Ongoing Research exposure to the outside stimuli (in this case, essential oils) influence the cell culture. Using this unique system allows dōTERRA scientists to examine the activity of oils in vitro, but in an environment closely mimicking real human conditions. After growing the cell cultures, the cells are introduced to factors that induce activity in a way that parallels the changes occurring in cells found in a living person. Often, when foreign stimuli are introduced, fibroblasts multiply rapidly, which can lead to a change in the cellular composition of a tissue and have implications for its health and proper function. The fibroblasts themselves also secrete structural proteins into the extracellular matrix (ECM), which is the space surrounding the cells. While these proteins are normally found in healthy individuals, an excess of ECM proteins can make a tissue that is normally flexible become rigid, a characteristic that can influence normal function. Using these protein biomarkers, dōTERRA scientists are able to quantitatively analyze the rate of cell division, observe alterations in cellular metabolism, and examine other biological activities relevant to tissue remodeling, gene expression, and overall cellular health. The BioMAP system provides the ideal environment to investigate the why and the how regarding the health benefits provided by essential oils, and the dōTERRA research group is excited about how the collected data can be used to progress current usage models. While dōTERRA scientists are specifically interested in the efficacy and safety of essential oils and their active components in topical applications, research involving aromatic use, nutritional supplements, and personal care products is also underway. Other recent publications have put the mood-enhancing properties of CPTG ® Bergamot essential oil to the test—in a very stressful environment— and have examined the health benefits of the dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack ® in a two-month long clinical trial. The work has just begun. So far we’ve looked at some of your favorite single CPTG essential oils and even at a dōTERRA proprietary blend, exam­­ining their ability to promote protective cellular responses, support proper inflammatory responses, and induce healthy structural remodeling. The results are even more remarkable than we expected (hint, hint: Melaleuca showed a powerful ability to support tissue remodeling processes), providing further evidence of the power of volatile aromatic compounds in supporting various biomark- ers of health and showing why dōTERRA CPTG essential 0&RFR7BFW7FVBBFR7BG'W7FVBFRGW7G'f &Rf&F&WBFRvr&W6V&6&WfWw2bFRFfGV7GVFW26VFr6FF26FBR&VBFR7GVFW2FV"VF&WGW"vBWw0g&FRrLXDU%$&W6V&6w&WV6Rf6BFPLXDU%$66V6R&rFFW'&63