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INTRODUCING dōTERRA SCIENCE FOR KIDS Do you have a curious little explorer or an inquisitive future scientist always asking questions about how the world works? Maybe you have a future chemist, doctor, or astronomer who loves learning and can’t get enough science. Well dōTERRA has the program for you: dōTERRA Science for Kids! Launched at the beginning of 2017, dōTERRA Science for Kids offers videos, educational modules, experiments, and activities to help kids (as well as their parents) explore the world around them and get excited about science. Promoting science education through all grade levels is a passion shared by the dōTERRA Science for Kids team and by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David K. Hill, DC. For many years Dr. Hill has sought to combine his work with dōTERRA with his desire to promote science education for children. With the addition of the “Science for Kids” tab on the dōTERRA Science Blog, his wish started to take shape. “My hope for the dōTERRA Science for Kids program is that children will discover that science is fun and fascinating, and that they’ll share their enthusiasm with their parents,” Dr. Hill explained when talking about the program. “As a science-based company, what better way for doTERRA to give back than to help foster a love of science in the next generation?” Local Community Outreach From there dōTERRA Science for Kids has continued to grow, incorporating community outreach initiatives into the program. Since the program’s start in January, dōTERRA Science for Kids team members have already presented in several Utah elementary school classrooms, teaching about the plant life cycle and providing a fun, easy experiment for students to participate in. It’s a great opportunity for dōTERRA to give back to the community by volunteering in classrooms while also helping ignite students’ curiosity and desire to learn more. 16 / FALL 2017 LIVING MAGAZINE Additionally, dōTERRA Science for Kids hosted its first two dōTERRA Science for Kids Summer Day Camps at the dōTERRA global ̸]Ѡɕ͕хѥ́䁓5QII͍ѥ́9)Mѕٕ́ յЁ5QIIѥ́5)I-ȁѡ́ɽ٥́չѼɔѡ)ݕѱ́ɽչ́ɽչ5QIIѡͥє)ՙɥ丁ɕ͕хѥɅѥ)ѼͬՕѥ́Ѽ͔ѡ͍ѥѡѼݕ̸)-́ЁѼɸɔЁ͍ݡ5QIIٽչѕ)ЁѼѡ́ɔѥєչՔ)չ丁ɔ5QIIMȁ-̰́ɥ)5QII͍ѥ́ݥѠɕЁѥ̰ɔɕ䁥ѡ)х̰ѡ5QIIMȁ-́ѕ́)Ѽѡ͔́مѼɔѥ́ѡ)ѡ̸