Living Magazine doTERRA Fall 2017 Living Magazine - Page 15

playground. This is the third playground that dōTERRA has donated to local Bulgarian community centers. Beyond the playground, Wellness Advocates volunteered for a day at the Milk Canteen, an organization that provides meals to families with children between the ages of one to three at a subsidized cost with help from dōTERRA. Workers there estimate that they serve between 500–1000 children a day. The experience then finished off with dinner made by youth at the nonprofit organization, the Social Teahouse, which the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation helped refurbish in early 2016. The Social Teahouse works to help orphaned children learn personal and professional skills that help them leave the orphanages with access to the labor market. Making it Possible The volunteers took some time to go to the Bulgarian Esseterre Distillery, the operation that makes all the efforts to build up Bulgaria through industry and humanitarian projects possible. The distillery currently produces Lavender, Melissa, and Frankincense essential oils for dōTERRA. Sarah Wimmer, a Wellness Advocate from Arizona, says of her experience, “It is amazing to see the whole process of creating an oil, and the care and precision that goes into each step of the process. From the field to the lab, dōTERRA has set a high expectation and standards of excellence that will only allow for the best of the best to be produced. I am honored to have been on this trip and to be a part of a company that gives back so much to communities.” / 15