Living Magazine doTERRA Fall 2017 Living Magazine - Page 10

Jamie Mitchell T H E AU ST R A L I A N WAT E R M A N dōTERRA ® Performance Advocate Jamie Mitchell grew up in a small town in the Northern New South Wales in Australia. Since his dad was a surfer, Jamie spent the majority of his childhood on the beach. For Jamie, the ocean became his playground, gym, office, home, and a way of life. His fearless attitude, passion for the water, and competitive nature made him one of the world’s elite ocean athletes. Throughout his career Jamie has had many victorious achievements, but his most memorable moments were winning 10 consecutive Molokai to Oahu World Championship Paddleboard races, and World Surf League Big Wave Event in Portugal, as well as surfing in the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational in 2016. However, he says his biggest accomplishment in life is being a husband and being a father to his little girl. WHAT COUNTRIES HAVE YOU SURFED, AND WHAT’S BEEN YOUR FAVORITE PLACE? I have surfed in Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Indonesia, Hawaii, Mexico, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Morocco, South Africa, and Monaco. But my favorite has always been and will be Hawaii. I  F YOU COULD GO ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW TO SURF, WHERE WOULD IT BE? It would be somewhere I haven’t been, so maybe Micronesia.  HERE DO YOU DRAW YOUR W INSPIRATION O’H][\][ۈHوY\[[KHݙH][]]\Zx%\Y\\Y\[H]\[ZXY[ܙ[\HXH]B[\\\KH[][\][ۈB^H[Z[HXܚYXYH܈YHB\HH[H^K\H\HX[BL S MUSPQVSB[H\H[[X^[[[Hܛ]8&\X\HH[\Y UTQSTPQT•–SHTHQSHQUOUPUSSHTHU’H\H^H\[H\H[HHݙ\[H]X][ۈ[]B]HZ[Y[]HۙHX[B[Y\ݙ\\܈\[] [H]Hœ^H[H[XY [[\\BXH[[^ Y[HY[\[B\H\X[H[[[\[\[H[B[\Y[[\]H[\][]8&\˜[X]ۜ\[]\H]و[\B[H[\]\USSHVHTSTSSTTVTQSO•]H\\H[\\ˈ^Hܜ\[]\[\\]\[XHH]žYX\Y[H[ݙ\H[]H\وH]K[]\]BXY][\]\[H\XH›XZH]H\XKHYܛHPو^HYۙYKX\Y^HY[[\^H[\]\۸&]H[YXYKTTHHPQPRSS”USHUSH’HݙH[KHH[[B$[Y\HYZˈH[H[[H[YHX][^\\H $[Y\BYZ[ YH[]][H]\[ܚ]]]H[[]Y\[^HYHZ[ [۝Yۘ[ [YH\œ\H\H^\ˈ\[Z[Hݙ\™X][HX[[[YY] QSHPTPU1cUTO“^HYH\[Hݙ\H[[X[YHH[\Y]HYX\˜Yˈ[HܞKH[Y[H\B][]\H[][HXZY] X[Hۛ[[][X]\[X[[ˈ]]\XYHHYH\و\[Z[x&\YK\[\HYH\و^B]\H^HX[ H\BH[]\H^H[\XX[H[x&[H][[ˈ^HY\YHX[H[XYH\UTHSHUԒUH1cUTB”PSSBԓPSHTHSO’HݙHX[HXˈ]H[YH\]]H[H\\&\][[]\\Z[ [[ۋܙY[1cUTBۈX\0Y\[Y\YpY[[]XK][\\\Z[[1cUTHۈX\XY][1cUTH\[]pٝ[˂'[\X[\[۸&]][[ۙH[[B[H[&]] 'B%[ZYx%