LiveCaster review and $26,900 bonus - AWESOME! LiveCaster Review 2

LiveCaster – Go live with any precorded video and pull massive traffic LiveCaster is the best livecasting software made for Facebook & YouTube. It is ultra simple to use, it supports scheduling, one-click live mode. Can Cast pre-recorded videos as live to Facebook Personal feed, Pages & even Groups. It can also livecast to YouTube! What Is LiveCaster? Facebook is giving unprecedented preference to live video content and hosting it on their own platform. YouTube garnered 8 million views in 12 hours for live events. And now here's a powerful app that lets you live cast any pre-recorded video as live on FB and YouTube! LiveCaster has just opened the cart! I am sure you'd like to run live videos and get maximum exposure and engagement BUT like it or not your video is out there for the world to see and it may not be a pretty thing. But using LiveCaster, you’ll go live only when you’re ready to go live! No unflattering videos, only your best stuff goes viral when you’re ready! Upload ANY pre-recorded videos to go live or schedule them to go live, as many as you want on your YouTube channel or FB feeds, pages and groups. Facebook and YouTube are putting a huge emphasis on live videos, and they offer the biggest audience. AND LiveCaster helps you leverage that to your marketing advantage MINUS any complexities that are there in creating and casting a live event. And that's why LiveCaster looks like the most promising desktop app that counters all the above problems and lets you make video marketing profits in a fly by tapping into the audience's need to prefer watching live events above everything else! LiveCaster is the best livecasting software made for Facebook & YouTube. - - LiveCaster is Ultra simple to use, so you don't have to learn any complicated courses to know how to set and run it. Supports scheduling, one-click live mode.