LIVE - The magazine for Optivo residents Winter 2017 - Page 6

Don’t let rising energy bills leave you cold this winter. Rising energy bills can be a worry – especially during the colder, darker months of winter when we’re cranking up the heating and keeping the lights on longer. But did you know we have a dedicated team who are supporting residents to save money on their bills? They can help you save up to £130 a year by: ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ Finding you the best energy deals Helping you to apply for grants and discounts Showing you how to save energy with simple changes in the home Helping you to access free LED light bulbs, radiator reflectors and water saving devices. Meet Patrick, Oli and Jade Top tips to save money and energy this winter: – they can arrange a free energy advice visit in your own home. 1. It may be getting chilly but try not to crank the heating up too high. Did you know that turning your thermostat down by just 1°C can save you up to £60 per year? And if you’re still chilly, it’s a perfect opportunity to break out that Christmas jumper! The team has helped lots of residents to date: 2. Make sure there’s no furniture in front of your radiators to ensure your rooms warm up quicker. Mr Johnson had heard switching energy providers regularly was a good way to save money, but he didn’t know which one to choose. Our energy advisers paid him a visit to show him how he could use a price comparison website to find the best deal. He saved £155 a year. 3. If you’ve lights on your Christmas tree, make sure they’re turned off when they’re not needed. The average household is thought to leave their tree lights on for up to ten hours a day, which really hikes up the bill. For more information Elderly couple Mr and Mrs Hunt couldn’t reach their gas or electricity meter without using a step ladder. Our energy advisers li 6VBvFFV"&fFW"vfVBFPWFW'2F&R7VF&R6Ff6@wwrFf&rVVW&wGf6P"6#ccbRƗfRFvW7B7W76W"FP֖FG26f"ƒ&V"G&6W&खbRƗfRVB"V7B7W76W6f FR( V''2vƖ2v27G'VvvƖrFVWFbW"vFW"&2W"Gf6W'2fVB6Pv2&VVfG2BvVB&RVƖv&Rf"6VW"F&fbFW6fVBW" *3CSbW"V"