LIVE - The magazine for Optivo residents Winter 2017 - Page 5

Spread cheer all year! A personalised calendar will be treasured by everyone from doting grandparents to besotted pet owners. Select your favourite photos and use an online service such as Vistaprint to create your calendar that will be printed and sent for as little as £4.99. Visit: Check out our top gift ideas that won’t break the bank! Jars of goodies Edible treats are the perfect gift at any time! Fill a jar with the dry ingredients for your favourite cookie or cake recipe. If you do this in layers it looks really effective. Write out the recipe and details of extra ingredients they’ll need (eggs, butter etc). Seasonal treat Make chocolate sleighs for the kids (big and small) in your life. Stick two candy canes to the underside of a large KitKat bar. Add smaller chocolate bars to create the ‘presents’. You can even wrap these. Pop a chocolate Santa at the front and you’re done! The gift of love! Have you got friends or family with young children who don’t get out much? Give them the gift of a date night! Treat them to a pair of cinema tickets and a bag of popcorn and then offer to babysit for the evening. For low cost cinema deals visit: /deals/cheap-cinema-tickets Colourful surprise For younger children, a cardboard box full of balloons is a cheap and easy present that will keep them amused for hours. Homemade bauble wreath All you need for this simple wreath is a wire coat hanger and some old baubles. Bend the coat hanger into a rough circle and untwist the top (take care of any sharp ends). Thread the baubles onto the coat hanger until you’re happy with how it looks. Twist the coat hanger together, then add a ribbon or two! 5