Live Naturally Tools Class Handout

LIVE Naturaly strengthen. soothe. support. WHY ARE PEOPLE TURNING TO NATURAL OPTIONS? WHERE DID WELLNESS FROM PLANTS ORIGINATE? WHY DID I START USING ESSENTIAL OILS? SY N T HE T IC S C O ST N E G AT IV E EFFECTS ROOT CAUSE WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS? POTENT COMPLEX • Natural & powerful aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers & other parts of plants; extracted & distilled for a variety of health benefits • Multiple compounds in every oil provide versatile support • The complexity of every oil means developing resistance is extremely unlikely Supercharged Benefits 50-70x more powerful than herbs = 1 Drop of Peppermint Oil ($0.08) 28 Cups of Peppermint Tea alcohols a-terpineol borneol lavendulol geraniol nerol esters linalyl acetate lavendulyl & geranyl acetates a-terpenyl acetate monoterpenes β-ocimenedlimonenea-& β-pinenes camphene δ- 3-carene sesquiterpenes: β-caryophyllene χ-farnesene phenols: terpinen-4-ol aldehydes: benzaldehyde cuminal geranial hexanal myrtenal neral oxide 1,8 cineol caryophyllene oxide linalol oxide coumarins ketones: octanon camphor lactones • Energizing & uplifting • Soothes emotions • Cools the body • Calms irritated skin • Combats head tension • Supports restful sleep • Relieves minor burns • Relieves motion sickness & nausea • Combats seasonal threats WHY dōTERRA? Need for Higher Standard Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Co-Impact Sourcing • “100% Pure Essential Oils” often are synthetic, diluted, not well-tested or a combination of these • Verified pure & safe • Plants harvested in natural habitat for maximum therapeutic benefit • This has created a myth that oils are ineffective • Stringent third-party testing • Free of fillers, pesticides & foreign contaminants • Providing jobs, education & practical needs • Co-Impact Sourcing dōTERRA ® QUALITY & PURITY standard ©COPYRIGHT Live Naturally Moore Essentials, Inc PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FOR REPRODUCTION strengthen. soothe. support. | 1