Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 7

ORIENTATION A&B ABOUT ME Antonio Sop ABOUT ME Manuel Abrego M y name is Anto- nio Sop. I live in Washington, D.C. I have a small fam- ily. My parents and my brothers live in Guatemala. My parents’ names are Juan and Ana. I have three brothers and one sister. Their names are Angel, Carlos, Gas- par, and Katy. I love my family. 7 M y name is Manuel Abrego. I have a big and happy family. We are a united and loving family. My parents’ names are Jose Luis and Carmen Maria. They live in Honduras. They are my example to follow. I have five sisters and four brothers. Their names are Isabela, Margarita, Alba, Mary, Vilma, Jos- ue, Luis, and Pablo. I love my family.