Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 61

have residency is to not wait too long to become a citizen. 3rd Place Dina Al Hadid Teacher: Andrea Veloza My Children, My Everything I want to continue to be the best support so my children can become professionals in the future. As a mother I guide children by reading useful books. I love them because they are important to me and a part of me. I want to continue to be the best support for my children. I care about my kids. It’s like planting a tree in a garden. I want to take care of it to give me good results in the future. but the most important of all is to become a translator. First, I need to finish Level 8 at 1st Place the Sonia Gutierrez Campus. Anivierkys Medina Cruz Second, I am going to college Teacher: Simon Hoogland to get m y diploma. Finally, I will graduate and work on My Dreams what I love. This is my dream I dream of becoming a good for the future. lawyer in the United States. First, I want to speak English 3rd Place more. Second, I need to study Ivis Euceda the law of the United States. Teacher: Simon Hoogland Finally, I want to work at the Court of Justice. In conclu- My Dreams sion, this is my dream. I hope I have many dreams in my I can achieve it! life. First, I will graduate from Carlos Rosario. Second, I will 2nd Place find a job. I would like to be a Zulma Molina Lopez manager or owner of my own Teacher: Simon Hoogland company. Third, I will buy a house. And then, I am going to My Dream go to my country. I will work I have many dreams in my life hard to achieve my dreams. Group: ESL 2 - 3 61