Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 60

BLACK HISTORY MONTH Essay Winners Group: Orientation A & B, ESL 1 & 2 sound terrible. I wish to do this by when my son finishes middle school. I am decided but I am learning slowly. For my dream to be real, I need I Dream Of Becoming I want to live in the U.S. and I time for my class and a lot of want to have an easy place for persistence and discipline. my family. My dream includes a new job and to study at the I want to be bilingual in three university. To achieve my years but it’s possible to take dream, I need a good school more time. One chance could with an excellent teacher and make a difference. I want to the indispensable support of be bilingual, no matter how much time or how difficult. my family. In the future, I will say I’m I need a teacher to help me in a bilingual. school with classes and time. My family helps me when 2nd Place they wait patiently when I try Francisca Hernandez my words even though my Teacher: Andrea Veloza grammar and pronunciation 1st Place Carmen Azucena Melgar Teacher: Tiara Smith 60 Changing the Future I dream of becoming an American citizen. In a few years I want to become a citi- zen of the United States. I will continue studying English to be able to learn, write, speak, and understand the test. I can help my children so that if they are able they can help others. Someday I will be able to exercise my vote. I will continue fighting until the dream comes true and I can help others who are in dark- ness with fear. Immigrants like me are afraid that if they have a small problem, they can be deported. My advice to all people who