Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 59

EMDREY DISTRIBUTION Joseph Oneneko E mdrey Distribution is my import-ex- port business and I am from Côte d’Ivoire located in the west- ern part of Africa. My startup was basically created to promote all goods and prod- ucts known and unknown from Africa and America. I’m always improving my business to get to a higher level but I would like to thank Carlos Rosario where I made the most of my ideas conceived long ago. I gradu- ated from Small Business & Entrepreneurship with Mr. Raúl Medrano and Math for Life with Kristy Stoesz. 59 They encouraged me to take the business class. I only expected to be a registered business owner in my dreams. Now we made it, thank you Carlos Rosario and all the great staff for what you have done for us and especially for Emdrey Distribution.