Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 52

M y name is Michael Kebede. I am from Addis Ababa, Ethi- opia. I came to the United States of America in 2013. I’m a student at Carlos Rosa- rio Public Charter School. I’m taking Nursing Aid Training class. My plan for the future is to be a Registered Nurse. When I was a child, I wanted to be a businessman. However, in seventh grade, when I started learning biology, I began to feel a different way. How compli- cated and beautiful the healthy human body is! It was interest- ing to learn about anatomy, how the body works and how we protect it from disorders. I had good grades and changed my Michael Kebede plan from business to doctor. My experience with my grandmother also inspired me to work with sick people. Taking care of my grand- mother always made me feel good. She was always happy whenever I was around her. the United States of America, a place where dreams come true. I registered at Carlos Rosario Public Charter School in 2017 to improve my English. After studying English, I decided to take Nurse Aide Training. Helping people in need and After I finished high school, working in the medical field I didn’t get a chance to go is my passion. It has been my to medical school because dream since I was a child. of my country’s education system. Usually the govern- Now I have short and long term ment chooses your course of plans for the future. My short study depending on your high term plan is to finish Nurse school results. In my case, Aide Training, pass the board I was selected for business exam and work at the hospital. school, which had been my My long-term plan is to go to previous plan. After I gradu- college and become a Regis- ated, I started working for my tered Nurse. Step by step, family’s business. Two years I will accomplish this goal, later, I had a chance to come to no matter how long it takes. 52