Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 50

NURSE AIDE TRAINING M y name is Evelin and I’m from Guate- mala. I came to the USA in 2013. I’m 20 years old, and I’m a respon- sible and honest person. I got my high school diploma at The Next Step Public Char- ter School. Currently, I am a student at Carlos Rosario Public Charter School in the Nurse Aide Training Program. My dream is to be a Regis- tered Nurse with a bachelor’s degree and work at a hospital. Guatemala is a country with high violence. This violence affected my family when I was a child and my dad got shot in his right leg. When he came home from the hospital, I was the only one who had the time to take care of him. As I took care of him, I noticed how I was able to make him smile by helping and caring for him. Seeing his smile made me felt that I was helpful to him. He always said to me, “you are 50 Evelin Aldana really patient and you like to make jokes about your- self just to make me happy and that makes you smile.” When he said that to me, I felt amazing because I knew that I was making him feel better. As time passed, I imagined myself taking care of others who need it and doing things that no one had ever done for them. I can remember when my father told me that he wished to see me dressed in a nurse uniform, and now I want to make my dreams and his wishes a reality. My short term goal now is to be a Certified Nurse Aide from Carlos Rosario. After that, I want to work at the hospital and gain some expe- rience. My long term goal is to be a Registered Nurse with a bachelor’s degree and take care of people that are in need and make them feel better by caring for them, and help them to do things that give them hope and happiness.