Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 48

BILINGUAL PARAEDUCATOR Marvelous Mother Winner of the Literary Inspirations Essay Contest Thi Nhat, Nguyen I am writing about a book character who inspires me a lot. About a month ago, I read Born a Crime written by Trevor Noah. It was an extraordinary memoir that I think everyone should read. In the book we have a view of South African society in general, and Noah’s life in particular. It was very interesting to me. In Noah’s stories, I found inspiration from his mother who raised Noah through all the barriers apartheid brought to them. dian, writer, producer, polit- ical commentator, actor, and television host,” says Wikipe- dia. If you open YouTube, you can see the popular videos of his comedy shows or The Dai- ly Show which has millions of viewers. He can speak many languages like English, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Tsonga, Afrikaans and German with different perfect accents. With his knowledge, his humor, and his talent, he became famous not only in South Africa but also all over the world. I felt that her mentality at that time was a century more ad- vanced than a normal person’s would have been. That’s why we have a successful Trevor Noah now. His mother and his book reminds me of my prom- inent mom and my unforget- table childhood in Vietnam where I was born and grew up. Behind his success is his re- markable mother. I call her the greatest mother. Noah said Born a Crime was written for his mom, his first fan, who made him become a success- ful man. I can feel Noah’s love with all his respect and pride for his mom through his words in every single story he told in his book. Patricia Nombuyise- lo Noah was the name of No- ah’s mother. She was born in a poor three-child family un- der apartheid in South Africa, About Trevor Noah, just a click, and we can find a ton of information about him online. He is a “South African come- 48 about which Noah explained in his book, “The genius of apart- heid was convincing people who were the overwhelming majority to turn on each oth- er, separate people into groups and make them hate one an- other.” She was the youngest child and grew up without her parents’ love. She lived with her aunt after her parents di- vorced when she was very young. She chose to live a different life than the rest of the Black South African people at that time. She started with learning English and typing because she realized that those skills would help her to find a better job to earn more money in white peo- ple’s company. Even though it was illegal, she hid herself to live in white people’s land secretly after finishing work, which brought her worldview closer to a modern life of the developed countries. She no longer accepted old-fashioned traditional rules. She was very smart and independent.