Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 47

MY INSPIRATION CULINARY ARTS Andrea Peay I yanla Vanzant, also known as Rhonda Eva Harris, is a mother, an author, law- yer, and motivational speaker. She’s made appearances on Oprah and she even has her own television show. I never really watched Iyanla’s show Fix My Life, but I have read a few of her books like Acts of Faith and In the Mean Time, and I listened to a few of her podcasts. Iyanla inspires me because she’s a mom of three just like me and because of her living testimony and her determination. managed to be successful. Iyanla’s life sto- ry has really inspired me because she faced so much even at an early age--losing her moth- er and losing one of her daughters to cancer. I couldn’t even imagine not having my mom in my life nor losing a child. Most people would have given up on life yet Iyanla persevered through it all. Iyanla said that her daughter was her spiritual inspiration to keep pressing on. Iyanla’s teachings are emotional and spir- itual. She teaches on self-love, relationships, and family. She uses her experiences to help others overcome obstacles in their lives. Iyan- la has taught me that no matter where you are in life you are control of how your story ends. The first book I read of Iyanla’s had me in tears because of how transparent Iyanla was about her life’s struggles as a mother and I can iden- tify with some of them. Iyanla has overcome a lot of issues that we women deal with on a daily basis like abuse, death, finances, mar- Thank you Iyanla for giving me hope and inspiration riage, and even contemplating suicide. She still to keep pressing forward and following my dreams. 47