Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 44

M Inhale The Future And Exhale The Past y name is Pityas Zerabruk. I am from Ethiopia and I am happy to be a student at Carlos Rosario Public Charter School. I often miss my family and my beautiful country. So I start to feel sad. Then I practice an ex- ercise in breathing and med- itation about my friends and schoolmates. All possibilities of freedom, choices, and con- tinuity of life are contained in each breath. Everything I dream of and desire, together with my family and friends, comes in- side my lungs and my body through the oxygen that travels through my blood. This is fresh oxygen. It gives me strength and vigor and optimism. Then new air is fresh and gives me I feel better because my body is energy. The future becomes re-energized. my present. Breathing in and breathing out, I enter the rhythm Then I exhale, and I let go of all of life and I become one with that is old, ugly, and pessimis- the trees and plants, and all the tic. My worries go away when I animals around the world. breathe out. My lungs are clear of negative feelings and fears. My dear schoolmates and The present is the only moment friends, I wanted to share this that is real. The past does not with you, as an exercise and a exist anymore and it will never meditation. It is for your bod- return. The future is uncertain ies, your minds and your souls. and it is yet to come, but the You will be happier and have future also waits for me. As I more peace. go through each day, breathing Have a wonderful Spring Se- keeps me filled with the health mester, 2019. and energy that I need to con- quer all the challenges that I en- Your friend, counter along the way. When I Pityas Zerabruk breathe deeper and deeper, the 44