Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 43

Lenny Ramirez W e are living in a soci- ety where nowadays technology is mov- ing faster and becoming very important for our daily life. That is why there are a lot of reasons to learn Microsoft Of- fice suite. Here are the top three reasons I believe that are very important. Microsoft Office Suite is used in most adminis- trative positions; having Micro- soft Office training can make us more productive and confident in our job; and knowing it will help us to make easier of our personal needs. Most employers now are re- quiring employees to have knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Hav- ing knowledge in this field is a good advantage for us. When we reflect this skill in our re- sume, we have a higher chance of getting a job compared to someone without Microsoft Of- fice Suite skills. When employ- ers review the resumes, they are often more willing to consider a good candidate with experienc- es. The experience sometimes may even be considered a nego- tiation point for a higher salary. Microsoft Office suite can make us more efficient and confident in our job. This course not only includes learning how those ap- plications work and how they are useful, it also includes train- ing to improve our typing skills. pose we have our own business. We can manage our own busi- ness account in Microsoft Excel and create all kind of advertise- ments or business cards in Mi- crosoft Word to promote our business without having to hire an extra person. This way, we can save money. Also, we can create a budget to calculate our monthly income and expenses. Think about how useful it will be to learn Microsoft Office suite. You will have more opportuni- ties to find a better job with a really good wage. The training allows you the opportunity to become an efficient person, and be able to work in an environ- ment where you feel confident to perform your work. This skill is very important be- cause it allows us to be efficient at working with keyboard’s de- vices such as laptops and desk- tops. Keep in mind that to be efficient and confident in our job depends on how good we are in the moment at perform- ing keyboard devices. For ex- ample, if we are good at typing, that means we can work faster. Most importantly, think about Therefore, we are sure of the how wonderful it will be to be way that we are doing it. able to do many things on your own such as helping you create One more reason to learn Mic- a budget worksheet to help you rosoft Office suite is that it can save money for the future for help us to make our personal you and your family. needs easier. For example, sup- 43