Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 42

MICROSOFT OFFICE APPLICATIONS Leticia Negron T Reasons to Learn Microsoft Office Suite he importance of learning Microsoft Office Suite is that it helps us make our lives in the professional, educational, and personal field easier and more productive. At present the large corporations and small and medium busi- nesses, and different educational fields use and communicate with these programs offered by Mi- crosoft. Microsoft is currently the most used pro- gram in the world due to the diversity of actions that we can create in each of these programs. a wonderful worksheet that allows us to submit financial information, creating different books to keep a more accurate control of financial entries and exits, and make changes in a group with- out having to do it individually to save time and with less margin of error. PowerPoint is a per- fect platform to present any type of project in a visual and dynamic way with different types of animations and audios. Access is less sophis- ticated but not less useful because it facilitates the introduction of information for small busi- ness or personal tasks. All these programs facil- itate our daily life. Similarly, a simple question to these different programs helps us solve any type of doubt and guides in doing it correctly. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access are programs in which we write more correct, professional and adequate documents. They are programs that help us save financial information with fewer errors. We can present visual projects in business or school, and save personal and financial information with Microsoft Office Suite is designed for access a single click. That is why Word, Excel, Power- to any of its programs to any user without spe- Point and Access have become part of our lives. cialized knowledge in databases. By using these Microsoft Office Suite tools, our jobs and proj- Each of the Microsoft Office Suite programs ects will look professional, correct and orderly. contribute in a systematic way for different uses. Let’s facilitate our professional, education- Word has a database that helps us format different al, and personal life with this wonderful tech- documents using different styles of colored let- nology and learn to navigate in the Mic- ters and designs in desired documents. Excel is rosoft Office Suite that is at our fingertips. 42