Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 40

(Poem) Where I’m From Where I’m from we say thanks to the sun, to the moon to the stars, to the rain. Where I’m from the pride month is my favorite time with street full of rainbow colors with feeling of pride, or equality, of happiness. Where I’m from there are not walls we live life together. Where I’m from holidays time keep us together. Open spaces and blue skies pretty land full of green and yellow maizales. Where you can get a friendly and white smile. Where I’m from there is no fear there is no darkness Where I’m from you can always find a way you can always find a solution. Where I’m from everyone is welcome to join our life Where you can smell plumeria rubia and dance punta garifuna Where I’m from time is not limited because we have all the time Where I’m from you need a clock you need a calendar, you need a schedule. Where I’m from you don’t have to say something in order to do something Where I’m from you don’t make a life because you live a life. Eliezer Eugenio Orellana Martinez 40