Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 39

My classmate Christina, who grew up in church says, “I don’t do [exactly] what the Bible says because it’s hard to follow God’s instructions.” I asked, “Doing bad is stronger than God’s in- structions?” Her frank answer was, “Yes, because I’m not strong enough.” My classmate Johana, whose parents are not believers in God says, “It’s true that some believers in God are hypocrites but I can’t generalize. Peo- ple who go to church are not perfect and for that reason we go.” I asked her, “What do you think about hyp- ocrites?” Her answer was, “We can’t judge anybody.” There is a God who will judge us at a certain moment. People who believe in God always think that when they do something wrong there is always going to be a consequence.” I asked her, “What happens if there is no bad place or Final Day?” Johana’s answer was, “And what happens if they are real?” Maybe you are thinking that I could be an atheist or maybe an agnostic. Who knows? To be honest with you, I have no idea what I am. I’m not even looking for the answer to this ques- tion (Do I believe in God?). I’m just a young person who is trying to get out of society’s cage. I’m just a young person who is trying to reach goals. I’m just a young person who is try- ing to be good, not for society, not for the government, not for God, not even for my family. I follow my heart, my conscience, and my mind to do good things. What do all my questions, comments, and behaviors make me? Do they make me a better or worse person? As my teacher says, “Life is complicated.” 39