Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 38

Do I Believe In God? (Opinion) Naysha Jimenez I want to point out first that I really have no idea what the right an- swer for this question is and also I have no idea why people are always asking about it. “Naysha, do you be- lieve in God?” I always take a few seconds to answer this, and 100% of the time I say, “Yes, I do believe in God.” Next to this answer always comes a question for myself, “Do I believe in God?” Say- ing “yes” aloud sounds right. The thing is that my mind is not convinced about it but my heart, my conscience and the people around me agree with this practical, common, and apparently correct answer. How am I supposed to know if there is something that exists somewhere? As my teacher al- ways says, “It’s complicated.” I have the liberty to ask my- self these difficult questions, but at the same time I don’t: I have these powerful questions solely for myself but I feel and know that when I’ll say them aloud most of the people are going to judge me. This society has an enormous problem: there are social fol- lowers. These people do, think, and say everything that looks “right” for the society. This makes me want to suggest a hypothesis: most of people who say they “believe” in God just say that because they are social followers. Thus, now I want to ask a question for all these people: “Does this really mean that you believe, or that you are a social follower?” At the same time, I’m scared! I’m scared about “The Final Day,” the Day of Judgment because I can be doing things 38 that maybe are wrong, and I’ll go to a “bad” place. People are constantly saying, “The end days are coming soon; Jesus is coming.” Does this day really exist? Is the Final Day real, or is it just a myth? I’m scared! I’m scared about doing every- thing right according to the Bible, and then NOTHING of this occurs. What happens if I don’t do what I really want because it’s “wrong” just for nothing? I grew up around people who say they “believe” in God. I can say that some of those peo- ple are hypocrites. If you say that you really believe in God, just follow Him. Do your best according to His instructions in the Bible. But if you are saying that you are a follower of God that you believe in God but you are doing whatever you want, you are a hypocrite.