Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 34

VOCABULARY Fabien Sagna Dreaming Two Dreams and Then Choosing One L iving is dream- ing, but dreaming requires choos- ing a future. And to choose your future, we must, at least, face two things. Some people have only one dream throughout their lives. Others find the real dream of their life while on the way to achieving the first one. The first ones follow their in- stinct but the second ones make new choices. Our dreams for our future may come from a movie, a parent’s job or an ex- perience. In my case, it was the latter. It was the experience of having a special soccer coach who was also a lawyer. This experience made me to want to become a lawyer myself. Born into a family of three elder brothers and two el- der sisters, I was orphaned in 1980. My father passed away after spending just my first three years with me. I can’t even picture him. All I know is that he was sick. It was hard and difficult to live without our father. In addi- tion to this unhappy event, our fields were confiscated by my uncle, the eldest member of my father’s family. It was a vi- olation of our customary rules. In fact, in my culture, Diola Kasa, if the deceased father has sons, it’s to them that the lands come back. Only if there are no sons do his lands go back to the paternal lineage. I was revolted by this injustice. At that time, I followed one 34 of the traditional animistic re- ligions of Senegal. Then, one day, I went to the Catholic Church with one of my friends whose parents were Cath- olic. My mother knew this, but she didn’t say anything. I was touched by the priest’s sermons about justice and de- cided to become a priest to combat injustice and to defend victims of it. After I confessed my dream to my mother, and explained my reasons, she en- couraged me. In 1996, I took and passed the test to go to the Seminary. In October 1997, I attended the Saint John’s Pre-Seminary of Nyassia, the chief town of our District, and continued for two years; then, the Saint Louis Seminary of Ziguinchor, the chief town in