Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 33

But the majority is working just to work, not to grow and learn. This stage is where you decide to serve WE than to serve ME. Just as the Seed submits to the ground, we should submit to others and work as a team in or- der to be truly great. After planting ourselves in the right place, next comes the growth stage. This is where you learn the most, you can grow to be the great leader you are meant to be. Knowing that you got to this stage turns you into a positive person, learning from the good and the bad. You ex- perience failure and hard times, but you will learn from them so you can grow more. A lot of people do not do well in this stage because they ac- cept the fact that they failed and perhaps can’t stand again. The solution for that as the au- thor mentioned is perseverance. When the Seed experiences the growth stage, it is still fragile and growing. It can face the sun and the rain but it is still going to grow and eventually, it will experience the last stage of be- coming a Tree. The last stage is the rewarding stage and is called “The Har- vest Stage.” This is when you become the wisest of yourself. You collect all the results from your hard work, and become who you are meant to be. This is when you understand your purpose, and why it took you all three stages to get here. When you finally understand who you are, you can make an impact and become an inspiration for a lot of people. The final stage is when you realize that all the stages before it were the im- portant part of the journey be- cause you learned a lot about yourself and you worked hard for it. So imagine if in the sec- ond stage you plant yourself in the right place, and enjoy what you are doing, would you not get to The Harvest Stage? Trust me, you will! The key to getting through every step is patience, and to believe that it takes time, to get there. I am one of the biggest exam- ples of this journey from seed to tree. After reading this book, I became a better and a happier person because I changed my perspective. I am not living my life without purpose anymore, like I was when I was lost in my first year in a new country. Now I am looking to find my purpose in life by living every day fully. I am patient because I know that if I learn everything from each day I have now, I will learn on my path of growth. This past year was the hardest year in my life because I made a big change. But with the wis- dom of the Seed I know that I can change my experience by changing my point of view. And I truly believe that’s how we grow and improve. Sound of Morocco (Poem) I miss the good homemade food That is prepared with so much love Especially eating the couscous With the sound of the neighbors calling their kids Yahya, Sherif, Fatima, Selma ..... Having a Ukulele at home Makes me think about the love I have for music Hopefully soon we can go back on a trip to my home country Morocco 33