Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 26

Another reason was that she was unique. She always wove ribbons and flowers into her hair. Frida loved the blue color. Her beloved home in Mex- ico is painted this exact shade. She wore traditional Mexican costumes and a lot of beautiful jewelry not just in Mexico, but also when she lived in the United States. In fact, Frida liked the attention. Wherever she went she was a sensation because she always dressed in her Mexican costumes. As a result, we can see that today celebrities like Salma Hayek, Meghan Markle and Be- yonce choose Frida’s fashion style. In conclusion, Frida Kahlo is remem- bered after many years because of the different style in her paintings. Unhap- pily, she suffered many injuries and her marriage was troubled. The accident broke her life but also inspired her. She also was loved by people because she had her extraordinary style and her own way of dressing. Gulden Yestekova My Musical Experience I will never forget the last time I was a DJ. It was July 27th in El Salvador. At 6 pm, I was getting in the club to do the sound test. I remember that I was quite nervous. The other DJ gave me courage because he told me that I was going to do very well as he had already heard me practicing. At 8 o’clock the event started. A lot of my 26 friends arrived and my father did too. I was going to be the fourth DJ to play. I was so busy with the organization of the event that I could hardly dance with my friends at first.