Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 25

FRIDA KAHLO M ost people know that Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who painted many portraits, but I want to write how the book Who Was Frida Kahlo by Sar- ah Fabiny inspired me. Frida Kahlo has remained a popular artist because of the different style in her paintings. Also, she suffered many injuries and, of course, her marriage was troubled. It is also worth mentioning that she had her extraordinary style and her own way of dressing. The first reason why she inspired me was that she was a very strong person. Also, she had talent. When she was 18 years old, Frida was involved in a terrible accident. The metal arm from one of the bus seats went through her body. Her injuries were very bad. Moreover, many of her bones were bro- ken, and she was in a lot of pain. At this moment she started to paint. She borrowed her father’s paints and paintbrushes and created many paintings. In fact, painting made her forget the pain and she had found something she really loved doing. The memories of that horrible day stayed with Frida for her whole life. Also, we can see that Frida painted her friends and her family because she knew them best and she painted herself because she was the subject she knew best. The second reason was her marriage. When she met Di- ego Rivera she was a high school student. Frida was different than other girls at the school. Sometimes she got in trouble. For example, those days when Diego Rive- ra came to Frida’s school she decided to steal food from his lunch box and put soap in it. mous. Another good example was that when she went back to school she continued to do silly and crazy things. Lat- er on Frida thought that Di- ego could tell how her work was. She wanted to show her painting to Diego. After that Diego was impressed with Frida’s work. He also was impressed by her energy. matter. Frida had difficulties in their marriage. Arguing with Diego upset her, but she put her emotions and ener- gy into paintings. In these difficult times Frida painted her best and most interesting pictures. Indeed she was becoming as famous as her husband. Finally, they divorced, but Furthermore they started to they did not stay divorced She did it just for fun and she fall in love. He was twice Fri- for long. They remarried be- didn’t care that he was fa- da’s age, but for her it didn’t cause they loved each other. 25